Download MapQuest Driving Directions App

This procedure has a problem, and it is that as the title of the place is the direction and you can't put the name. To put the name of the site, disconnect the GPS of your computer, turn on the GPS, joins Favorites and located the places that have sent. Edit one by one and changes direction by the name you want. It is a good idea to write down on paper directions and location of the site when you do the first part of instructions, then make this name change.With this exercise, your contacts will get saved, and you can locate them quickly on a next trip.

Step by step explanation of shipping of MapQuest maps to Garmin brand GPS

The first thing you should do is to have installed the plugin's installation of Garmin Communicator, which you can download from its website.

Connect the GPS to your computer. It takes into account that not all Garmin models have this option.

After installed, go to your browser (we recommend Mozilla Firefox; Chrome on some operating systems is not supported) and go to the MapQuest website and search the address you want to add. At MapQuest driving directions the time of writing these lines, App does not have this function if you are looking for by the name of the place; you have to search with the exact address (for example 3311 World Drive, Orlando).

If you don't have exact directions, we recommend search in Google, Google Maps or on the website of the establishment you are going to add.

After searching the site, it will show you on the map. In the top right, there is a button that says "Send." Click, and it will be an option at the end of the menu that says "Garmin GPS"; select it.

It will be a new section and show you your GPS. If nothing is displayed, it is that it did not detect it. Check that the plugin is installed, restart the browser and test the connection to the GPS.

Select the place Dale to click the "Send" button. Then it will show you if it was possible or not send the location to GPS. Repeat this procedure again till you send them all the places you plan to visit.