Mapquest Map Provides the easiest turn-by-turn directions heading towards your destination without getting you lost. You can quickly check out your exact location, search maps, get driving directions, satellite images, fast and perfectly on your fingertips.

Find out the best route by checking the live traffic status and avoid being bumping into the traffic.  With live traffic report, you can choose best alternative directions. Isn't it Easy? offers the user the easiest step-by-step route towards their destination with the current traffic status on the map.  Our services have proved by many of our users for extremely useful and easy way planner for them. You can search for any location or address, without worrying about the longitude, latitude or elevations.

Now you can enjoy the free Google Maps driving mode. After premiering last January in the United States Google Maps driving mode now available around the world.

Find Out Maps and Locations

MapQuest Driving Directions mode allows you to use the Navigation view without having to say a destination or receive instructions by voice guided, can freely navigate to see the traffic and time that we have to get to the destination that Google thinks that we are heading.

Maps driving mode predicts what is our destination, showing in the side snacks with information of doing Street have to go to reach our destination as possible, informing us of the time remaining to get.

For only driving mode, we have to open the menu and select the options to start driving. We can also add direct access by car to the desktop of our device.

Mainly drive mode allows you to see the map in the third person, having located our location and everything that surrounds him as places and traffic, but without having previously put the fate to which we want to go. It is a function very similar to what the car navigation systems.

Once inside the application just click on the side menu to "Start driving" mode mentioned and the camera will focus on your location as you tilt up. It is intended to be used while driving by what won't allow you to move the camera much and stays fixed in the direction you look.

You can create a shortcut to this mode on the desktop and also set a destination from within in the way that shows you the path and to find gas stations, supermarkets and other services on the route. Another detail to reduce distractions is the possibility to activate notifications to connect by Bluetooth to the car system, and you report some data of the journey as the estimated duration to the destination.

Now you can enjoy at last this useful with only have installed the Mapquest Driving Directions application. You won't need to install any APK if you've recently upgraded the application, the option will be activated alone.

Get Traffic Free Directions

It's the 9.19 Google Maps for Android platform version, where we have included a new Driving Mode or driving mode. This feature is designed to assist the user in their frequent drive travel unless it necessarily overlaps with Navigation, the navigator GPS Google Maps includes. In this way, the driving mode would be automated, knowing where the user goes and displaying relevant information as potential hazards on the road or traffic density, as well as times of arrival estimated to their frequent destinations. All of this aimed to connect the terminal to the car Bluetooth.

To launch it only there to start it from the main Mapquest Driving Directions or, more comfortable and agile, from your widget and icon menu. The only problem is that, for now, seems that there is a small bug in this version of Google Maps. Therefore, to start it, it is necessary to activate this mode of conduction in the application settings menu and place the icon on the desktop. If all goes well, just start the application from the button to find the map and receive directions without further configuration.

Another new feature of Mapquest Driving Directions is a button to silence the indications. Something that can be convenient to avoid the sometimes tiresome application tips, or where you know the area that is circulating. A button with a loudspeaker allows deploying two options that stifle all notices or, if you prefer, only indications, allowing the application to warn of dangers and important alerts.

Finally, this version of Mapquest Driving Directions has added options to record locations. A section where the user can see everywhere that has passed. Thus, also, to canceling this option, the user can restrict other details such as show photos of Google pictures in these places, and other minor issues.

Mapquest  Driving Directions a travel service that provides maps and directions to the road Here you have maps and instructions about how to reach a place determined in more than one dozen countries. In addition to Sigma, you can use your favorite maps (Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Mapquest) geolocation service.